Who are you, what do you do?

Known to many in the hiking community as Wired, I got hooked on long distance backpacking in 2011. I have set my sights on hiking’s Triple Crown (Pacific Crest Trail 2011, Continental Divide Trail 2013, Appalachian Trail 2014) and more. I enjoy sharing the trail through my blog Walking With Wired, in which people have enjoyed virtually hiking the trails with me as I post from my tent at night.

Where do you hike mostly?

I absolutely love the Northwest and consider it to be my personal playground. I am in Portland, Oregon where I can choose coastal hikes, a Mt. Hood adventure, or an exploration in the Columbia Gorge. All of which are within a 30-90 minute drive. I tend to be off on thru hikes in the summer, so much of my hiking is in the nearby Columbia Gorge which provides great elevation challenges for training hikes and plenty of intertwined trails and scrambles to great views and plentiful waterfalls!

What do you take on the trail?

My exhaustive gear list is on my site with prices and weights, but I’ve evolved over the last few years to a comfortable 13lb base pack weight. Here is a list of my favorites:

What would be some of your ideal kit?

Being Wired, I like my electronics. My ideal kit does not currently, and may never exist. It would involve something that provides me with unlimited internet at high speeds and endless battery life—Hah! Cringe all you want, but I am Wired.