Who are you, what do you do?

Hi, I am Niki Dresher, Falling Angel on the trail and Ms. Bacpacking Engineer in cyber world. I work as a graphic designer and run a blog with my husband, Russ Dresher. I make sure things look pretty on the site and on occasion guest blog. When I am not on the trail, I enjoy sewing. Maybe one day I will put my skills to use and sew up some custom gear.

Where do you hike mostly?

Living in New England, I'm pretty fortunate that there are many great mountain ranges and long distance trails within a few hours’ drive. To name a few, the Berkshires in western Massachusetts, the White Mountains in New Hampshire, the Long Trail/Green Mountains in Vermont, the mountains in Maine and of course the Appalachian Trail runs right through all of this.

You can find me in just about any of these great locations, but I must say I enjoy the mountains in Maine the most. Not only are they challenging, but once above tree line they reward you with spectacular views of the lakes and valleys below. The mountains there are kind of like those sour patch commercials—first they’re sour and then they’re sweet

What do you take on the trail?

Since this changes based on season, length of trip and weather, here's a rundown of my go to pieces at the moment.

What would be some of your ideal kit?

I'm pretty happy with my current set up. Of course I would love to have gear that is virtually weightless or a pack mule named Marty. But until that happens I’m enjoying the great products I already own. Happy trails!