Who are you, what do you do?

My name is Christine Thuermer or German Tourist on the Trail. As my trail name suggests I am from Germany. I used to be a career woman but I gave up my job seven years ago and have been hiking, cycling and paddling ever since. I have hiked more than 20,000 miles in the US, Australia and Europe including the Triple Crown. On top of that, I have cycled the same amount of miles all around the world and paddled 4,000 miles including the Yukon and the Mississippi.

You can find out more about my trips on my website.

Where do you hike mostly?

I usually hike wherever the currency exchange rate is favourable for me. That used to be the US and Australia but with the Euro being so weak now I am currently mostly hiking in Europe. I prefer to hike in unique ecosystems like the Florida swamps or the Australian outback.

What do you take on the trail?

  • Gossamer Gear G4 backpack: Great value for money and very versatile.
  • Tarptent Rainbow: Again great value for money, very roomy and best allround tent for most seasons and climates.
  • A Synthetic quilt: I don't use down any more because I found it too unreliable on long trips. Instead I use synthetic quilts in all but hardcore winter conditions like the Enlightened Equipment Prodigy.
  • Snowpeak Gigapower Stove: I have cooked hundreds of meals on it - and it never failed me. Most realiable stove I know.
  • A Smartphone: My life line to the rest of the world via internet and phone, my only camera, my backup GPS and my favourite entertainment - I listen to audiobooks up to 5 or 6 hours per day while hiking.

What would be some of your ideal kit?

A real waterproof and breathable piece of raingear that lasts longer than a couple of weeks.